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Internet Browser Help

Is your Internet Explorer giving you a hard time?

Web browser allows us to view objects at World Wide Web. They act as a tool of interacting with the web objects. You can visit web pages, store your favorite links, open new tabs for better viewing, customize links and so on. Not having your browser function properly can give any one a headache!

There could be times when your browser automatically crashes, doesn't display web pages, generates script errors, and is affected by your firewall settings such that it restricts you from downloading a few files. This is where we come in to your rescue!

Ask PC Experts gives you professional troubleshooting on your entire browser issues. You can get assistance on Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla Firefox or any other web browser. Our annual package includes unlimited service offerings throughout the year with just one time payment. We include the following under our yearly package:

Upgrades to latest Browser version

Internet Explorer and Netscape set-up and configuration
Troubleshoot Internet Explorer & Netscape browsing errors
Troubleshoot and fix slow, faulty Internet
Re-Install & Re-configure faulty Internet connection
Manage Internet Cookies and History

Unlimited Annual Plan $119.95

For a one-time payment of a nominal fee, Ask PC Experts offer unlimited yearly support for all your Internet and PC related issues via internet and phone.


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